Featuring GORE-TEX Surround

Solid Gear Workwear

Solid Gear / GORE-TEX


  • Full production
Creative Directors / Grading / Motion Graphics
  • Claudiu Voicu
  • Susie Oosting
3D Modelling & Animation
  • Colorbleed.nl
Sound Design & Music
  • Soundsright.nl

Innovative Workwear

Working from an almost completely open brief, we were asked by Solid Gear to create a 3D video showcasing the new technologies inside their most innovative footwear to date. Susie and I created a rough ‘1-take’ 3D animation which takes the viewer around and inside the main features, while timing it so that the full video could be split up into multiple 15-second edits for other social uses.

Once signed off on the pre-viz, Gijs van Kooten modelled the final design of the shoe for Colorbleed to fully animate, light and render. To finish off, Soundsright.nl created the full soundscape from our initial notes.

The final video premiered at the A+A expo in Düsseldorf, Germany.