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Top International Parkour and Freerunning Athletes

Freerunning & Parkour Director

3x Vimeo Staff-Picked and TV-featured Parkour Director, Claudiu Voicu has been involving in the UK Parkour & Freerunning scene since 2003 – when there were around 20 participants in the whole Country.

His knowledge of the sports have helped choreograph and develop some of the most viral and acclaimed Parkour and Freerunning films online.

Freerunning & Parkour Consultants

Past films have included Athletes performing somersaults over multi-storey drops and moving over obstacles while on fire – all while remaining 100% injury free.

We can help choreograph and coordinate impressive Freerunning & Parkour sequences and also recommend the best Talent for certain job specifications.

International Freerunning Athletes

Being innovative and pushing the limits of the human body requires the very best and most experience Athletes.

Years of experience within the Parkour and Freerunning communities brings direct access to a network of Professional Athletes in all corners of the World.

Covering all Media & Events

We can help you find the right Athletes for Films, Commercials, Online Content, Live Events, Activations, PR Stunts and Motion Capture.

Our background within the Freerunning and Parkour communities means we can get as many experienced Athletes as you require in almost any Country.

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