I’ve had my Lumia 1020 for just over a year now and the camera on it has impressed me time and time again. I was initially given a few 1020’s to shoot a Red Bull Art of Motion video in Santorini but Nokia and 1000 Heads were kind enough to let me keep one after.

At the start of the year Nokia pushed out a camera update enabling RAW image capture. Normally only expensive DSLRs have the capability to save RAW sensor data so it was a nice way to further improve the highly-regarded camera on it. However, until recently you weren’t able to actually edit the RAW files on the phone, so the majority of the images in this post are edited in Adobe Lightroom. The new Lumia Creative Studio and Photoshop Express apps do give you better control over the final image but if you want total control, Lightroom is still the way to go.

As I’ve been doing mostly video work this year, my 5DII has stayed at home in hibernation mode – only coming out for one-off trips into central London with ND filters stacked on top of it. There is obviously a massive difference in quality between a professional DSLR and a smartphone but the size and ease of carrying a phone around has made it my preferred memory-taking device.

So, my year as captured by a mobile phone…


I like starting the year with a good Snowboarding holiday to remind myself a) how much I love snow and b) how much I don’t love 80 year old skiers. This year I hit Les Arcs and a bit of its conjoined twin, La Plagne. Despite La Plagne being the cheaper, less-loved twin, it’s still got some really good runs. This is a 6 shot vertical pano stitched in Photoshop.

Capturing the cloudy scenery and not the adorable couple in front...

Capturing the cloudy scenery and not the adorable couple in front…


With the ultra wealthy Arabs buying almost every piece of land on the planet, new dress codes were introduced on certain pistes. Tim ‘Livewire’ Shieff proudly wore his €50,000 Givenchi garms to combat the -75C temperatures.


Upon returning to the Kingdom of the Almighty Queen I spent way too many days trying to capture a shot involving sunrise / sunset and a Freerunner. Lots of early mornings were spent carrying too much equipment up London’s highest mountain – Primrose Hill.


…but effort is always rewarded with stunning views. Sunrise from Mount Primrosia.


Poor Westfield in Stratford is also home to another OK view of London, and a nice rooftop for freerunning…


TL;DR; London looks good when the sun is at a low-point.


I don’t remember how it happened but I randomly bumped into James ‘Crane Boy’ Kingston while he was recce-ing for a Thief viral. Naturally we ended up on a rooftop with the client. Not pictured is a 10000ft drop and 100mph winds.


According to YouTube comments, James’s balls weigh more than the Shard.


Yet another sunrise call on South Bank for a Titanfall shoot for XBOX UK.


Superhunk Pip Andersen showing off one of the Pilot costumes put together by Laura Sindall and the rest of the team at Artem.


At the top of Las Ventas in Madrid for a Red Bull shoot, home of bullfighting and some unfortunate guys taking massive horns down their throat.


First time shooting on Cooke lenses and a Movi… not bad.


A week later and after a short return back to London we were off to NYC to continue filming for Red Bull. Johnny Budden, Art Director at AKQA, lent us beds in exchange for an encrypted hard drive containing media of his past history as a pro freerunner.


After running almost non-stop from Scotland to Paris, his next challenge was to skate for more than 30-seconds without falling over.


NYC-based freerunner Rashaad Gomez was kind enough to wake up at 6am and join us for a quick filming session in Lower East Side.


This was my 2nd time in NYC and I can safely say I enjoyed it a lot more than the first. The amazing weather probably helped but it was nice to see how active New Yorkers are even at unfavourable hours of the morning. Aside from Rashaad, there were plenty of young and (really) old people running around the track, doing calisthenics or playing hand-ball. The public facilities available in NYC easily beat anything we have in London…


Williamshamburger Bridge, home of the rudest cyclists in the Universe.


Despite being in NYC for only 3 days, we aimed to pack in as much shooting as possible. We probably slept less than 30 seconds the entire weekend but it was worth it. Aside from the Red Bull promo, we also shot scenes for an in-house app being built by AKQA Paris.


Midnight by the harbour… definitely safe.


A runner from the Black Roses crew came down for the shoot. Our small crew armed with skates and a lightpanel meant we could keep up and quickly shoot in a number of locations before our call time at the next location…


…which happened to be the AKQA office in NYC. Pictured again is Johnny Budden, one of the hardest-working and most talented designers I know. Skin-tone here is also authentic as he never sleeps.


Snapped this from the taxi on the way back to the airport. NYC is one place everyone needs to visit. Just don’t piss off the cops.

Next up was Ibiza to shoot some content for Pernod Absinthe.

Next up was Ibiza to shoot some content for Pernod Absinthe.


Ibiza is 50% English girls throwing up on the pavement and 50% lovely sites like… well, everywhere there isn’t an English girl.


Peter Lund and Harriet Mcgregor from AKQA Paris taking in the fairly lush view from the castle.


Johnny Budden pondering why he bothered to hire me again. Nice watch mate.


Moments before I pushed him into the sea for calling me a tekless mac-hating noob.


Deep within Ibiza we arrived at this stunning location to film some product shots. Unfortunately this couldn’t be our unit base/hotel so we had to make do with our cockroach-infested rooms behind a street full of gypsies.


Another case of wishing this was my hotel. This time it was in Florac, near Marseille, to capture footage of the French Army trying out some new clothing technologies from GORE-TEX.


The highlight of the day had to be abseilling 70m into a huge cave system below the mountains.


No images would do the scale of this place justice. A lighting and projection system brought the place to life and showed images of its discovery and subsequent history.


They even hold gigs in here…


The next morning we got up for sunrise and hiked up to a rock-climbing location above Florac. Yassin Yassin, my assistant on the shoot, kindly carried all of my gear so I could take photos of him actually working hard for a change.


Was quite gutted I didn’t get to try this out in the end! Yassin² and I shot this entire round of activities using a DJI Phantom 2 drone and got some stunning results as the sun was in the perfect place.


After France it was straight into recce mode for a few projects. Official Kie Willis, pictured mid right, has dedicated his entire year trying to emulate the success of famous Parkour photographer Scott Visive Longley-Bass.


El Habibi enjoying a moody sunset from the Bond Street rooftops.


I left mine at 5am and by 9am I was in Munich ready to start a day of filming corporate interviews for GORE-TEX. After the shoot the client drove me to some pretty cool spots near the Austrian border. Over there it’s quite usual for people to visit the mountains and lakes after work finishes. The quality of life here is only significantly better than having to get the tube at rush hour in London…


Church at the top of Freising, just north of Munich – and also home of the oldest brewery in the Universe.


Back above Bond Street for Ash to hunt down some cranes for a video I was producing…


We got there a bit early to be safe but ended up waiting around for 2 hours just to get the right light levels. A few builders watched on, slightly confused as to what we were doing up near a radio tower.


We got the shot but still stayed around a bit for a quick Instagram session…


…Until we heard 2 security guards wandering around. Naturally, we got down low and stayed there until they left. Once it was clear we climbed back down to get a few more climbing shots. Thug life.


A few weeks later I went on the road with Ramy Dance & Metropolis Studios for a corporate video for Samworth Brothers. Lots of driving around between locations meant we were working all day, every day, and travelling from Leicestershire to Cornwallshire. Boris Johnson, God of English Weather, was kind enough to bless us with perfect weather throughout the entire trip.


We arrived in Crantock from the Northern Territories with around an hour to shoot a whole scene. The weather was still on our side so we quickly fired up the RED and got our talent in for a makeshift BBQ on the beach.


In Wales for an o2 shoot with FST. After being chased by a mob of sheep in torrential rain, the weather calmed down (as did the sheep) and we managed to film our mini-docu on NSARDA – a Search and Rescue Dog Association run by volunteers.


These rescue dogs were so well trained that they even listened to my commands and posed for me.


As the weather got British-er, filming became harder. Derelict buildings are everywhere in Sutton and Croydon so we went on a little urbex mission to find good filming spots. Here’s Mike from Rise Media taking in the picturesque views on Sutton High Street.


…anddd a few more shots of London as a storm came in.

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